A Modern Take on Conventional Features

The new Ford Flex is built to suit the needs of modern drivers in Latham. You can get it at Latham Ford with high-tech safety features. Ford has taken features that people know how to use and pushed them even further to improve safety on the road.

The Flex is available with Adaptive Cruise Control. Like conventional cruise control, you can establish a speed that you want to go. However, this modern system uses sensors to monitor the road ahead. It'll keep track of the drivers in front of you and adjust speed accordingly to keep up with traffic. If traffic slows down, the Flex will do so as well without any intervention from you.

The same sensors also look out for potential obstacles. The Forward Collision Warning system will alert you with a message on the windshield and an audible sound. In the event that you don't take action, the Ford Flex may apply braking power to keep you safe.

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