What Features Can You Expect to Find Inside the Ford Focus ST?

The Ford Focus ST is a popular compact performance hatchback. But what interior features set the Focus ST aside from its' competitors? Here at Latham Ford, we are super excited to tell you about some of these interior features that make the Focus ST special.

The 2018 Ford Focus ST comes standard with a heated steering wheel. After all, why suffer from a cold wheel in the winter? And you can sit on cloth sport seats, which will keep you comfortable no matter how long your ride is. These seats also feature the elegant ST logo on them.

Inside of the 2018 Ford Focus ST, you will also find RECARO heated, leather seats and plenty of cargo space. Aluminum pedals also stand the test of time and can handle any wear and tear you throw at them for years to come. But why take our word for it? Why not come down to the dealership and take one for a test drive?

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