The Ford Taurus Keeps You Connected

The Ford Taurus has been popular since its introduction for anyone wanting a comfortable full-sized sedan. Nowadays, the vehicles also boast a number of technological features that keep occupants connected and safer on the road.

The voice-activated “SYNC 3” system provides hands-free communication with the outside world without having to use a smartphone or other mobile device. The navigation program easily provides the latest traffic reports, weather conditions or up to the minute verbal driving instructions. Find the location of where you need to go and enjoy your favorite tunes.

Save on gas and eliminate your need to adjust your speed using the adaptive speed control. The vehicle automatically slows or resumes the preset speed based on the flow of traffic. When danger lurks in the front of the car, the system adds power to the brakes for faster stops. Explore all of the possibilities that the new Taurus offers at Latham Ford. Take your favorite for a test drive.

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