Ford F-150 Raptor Design Features

Have you seen the Ford F-150 Raptor on the road? This Ford F-150 truck is one of the best in class for full-size pickup trucks. However, the Raptor is a new breed. It features a mean, lean design that looks more like a Transformer when customized with some of the sporty options. While the Raptor has maintained the same modern design since 2015, the 2019 models were refreshed to have more space in the cabin and a slightly longer cargo bed.

You can also see the influence of tech inside of the cabin with the latest 8-inch LCD display included in the dashboard. You can also access new driver assistance for off-roading as well, such as Trail Control. This helps you climb rocky terrain and get through any adventurous obstacle while you’re out in the desert.

Built with military-grade materials, the Ford F-150 Raptor is everything you could want in a sporty truck. Check it out when you stop by Latham Ford located in Latham, NY for a test drive.

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