The Abundance of Technology in the New Ford Ranger

The mid-sized Ford Ranger has long been a favorite pickup among truck owners who use the vehicle for work or play. The pickup is no slouch in the technology department. Ford keeps up with the ever-growing technological features that the latest vehicles offer and includes them in the new Ranger. Imagine the possibilities of owning one of the latest Rangers. Stop in at our Latham, NY Latham Ford facility. Go for a road test.

Ford's Co-pilot 360 technology enables drivers to capably travel the nation's roadways thanks to the navigational features accessible on the infotainment system. When driving along backcountry roads at night, the headlights automatically switch to high beam as needed.

The Ford Ranger also boasts a number of safety features that include lane diversion alerts, front, and rear collision warning systems along with automated emergency braking. Drivers are also alerted when a vehicle enters silently into the pickup's blind spot.

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