The Stylish Design of the Ford Edge

Ford as a company is known for being an innovator in the automotive sector. They have created some of the best looking and best-performing vehicles in history and always take pride in their work. The new Edge does not stray from Ford's pursuit of automotive perfection. The Edge is a popular midsize SUV that has been embedded with a wonderful design.

The Edge's interior is home to many of its luxurious design features. One of the standout features is the Rotary e-Shifter. The e-Shifter improves interior ergonomics as it takes up less space and has a cleaner look to it. The fit and finish of the new Edge is also outstanding. You can tell that the craftsmen that put the Edge together take pride in what they build. The combine build quality with modern design.

The Ford Edge is a very stylish and capable SUV. To take one for a spin come visit us at Latham Ford in Latham, NY.

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