Performance Features Drivers Appreciate in the New Ford Fusion Energi

The new Ford Fusion Energi has arrived on the lot here at Latham Ford, and that means this makes the perfect time for our team to go into some detail concerning all the performance features that make this plug-in hybrid popular.

When you are driving the Ford Fusion Energi and you begin to accidentally drift out of the lane lines, this is when the Lane-Keeping System is activated. Monitoring the surface of the highway with sensors, if the lines are slowly crossed, your steering wheel begins vibrating in stronger intensity until you correct the position of your vehicle.

As a vehicle approaches behind your Ford Fusion Energi, this is when the Blind Spot Information System takes action and helps make changing lanes easier. If a vehicle has been spotted in a blind spot behind your vehicle, your side mirror on that side flashes a warning so you don't leave the lane accidentally and hit that other vehicle.

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