Own Latham, NY with the Ford Explorer ST

Are you in the market for a new vehicle? One that provides all the capabilities of an SUV but with a bit more zoom in its configuration? You might find it in the Ford Explorer ST, which takes the Explorer SUV to a new level of performance.

The ST gives you the roomy seating and towing-package dependability the Explorer SUV is famous for, but with a ride that seriously propels you down the road using 400-horsepower and 415 pounds of torque. It's that zoom factor you need while you're comfortable driving from the ST's super-luxurious trimmed leather seating. Your passengers will be comfortable, too. Not to mention impressed. Seating luxury doesn't mean giving up functionality though. The towing package is as robust as ever, yet with the connection wires easily accessible, the liftgate is foot-activated for hands-free load and unload, and your 10.1" LCD touchscreen helps you navigate to your destination quickly and efficiently.

Those are only a small sampling of the performance features the Ford Explorer ST offers. Are you ready to own your environment in a true performance vehicle? You can test drive the ST now and find out at Latham Ford.

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