This Truck Was Made to Get Things Done

When it comes to power and ruggedness to get work done, nothing beats having a strong pickup truck to settle into. These beasts of burden are designed to handle the most difficult jobs and conditions both off-road and on. The time will come to tackle whatever lies ahead around Latham, NY and when it does, you may want to be in the 2019 Ford Super Duty.

The power to pull is what the Ford Super Duty is known for and once you arrive at Latham Ford you'll learn what powers these vehicles. There are two engine options for the Super Duty. The first is a 6.7L Power Stroke Turbo Diesel Engine. This beauty is made of graphite iron and cranks out 450 HP. The other option is a 6.2L Flex Fuel Gas V8 engine that generates a best in class 430 lb.-ft of torque.

To help while on the road, the Super Duty has Adaptive Cruise Control with Collision Warning. This feature scans ahead and will adjust speed when necessary if traffic slows. The system will warn drivers if it detects the possibility of a collision.

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