Great Driver-Assist Technologies Make the Ford Edge a Valuable Vehicle

During normal driving situations, a driver must react quickly in order to stay safe on the road. However, in some cases, minor things can delay a typical driver's reaction time, such as the lack of focus or severe drowsiness. The Ford company has great driver-assist technologies that increase awareness, and they're included with the Edge.

A blind spot is a very vulnerable area outside of a vehicle. The problem big is that a typical driver can see a car that's in a blind spot until it exits the vulnerable zone. All Ford Edge vehicles are built for highways where drivers invade blind spots. Each vehicle uses sensors and cameras to detect the locations of other drivers on the road. An Edge also has sensors that boost safety off a highway. They scan the surroundings in parking zones so that another system can provide guidance. By following the directions, a driver can strategically maneuver an Edge into a perpendicular or parallel space.

You can test drive a Ford Edge and check out its technologies at Latham Ford. We work with potential buyers in many neighborhoods in Latham, NY.

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