Value Your Trade!

90% of our pre-owned inventory comes from trades. We know the stories behind the vehicles and everyone loves a great story.
Latham Ford pays top dollar for a trade, because that's the basis of our pre-owned inventory. We want to put you into a new Ford. Talk to our on-hand, qualified appraised to get the value of your trade. You can use the app below, but your car, truck or SUV could be worth more than a "book" says!

To value your vehicle, use the app below. But we encourage you to bring your car in for a proper appraisal. Call or write J Campbell to schedule your appraisal. It won't take long!

Not looking for a new car? WE MAY BUY YOUR CAR OUTRIGHT! We're always looking to add great, high-demand vehicles to our inventory.

Call 785-4161 and ask for J. Campbell or email him now at

***Please note. The results are not a guaranteed value of your vehicle, but should be used as a guide. We know our customers will do their research with this tool and other tools to value your trade. Be an impartial judge of your vehicle to help determine the value. When you arrive at Latham Ford, our team will examine your vehicle, condition and other factors to determine what we can offer you for your trade. We always do our best to make the best deal. We look forward to meeting you!


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